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Postby {Ru}Bubba on Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:52 am

So how is the new content going in GW2 lordy? i rarely ever get the chance to log on but i try. Hows the new pick your dailies thing? there just isnt enough hours in the day anymore lol,but now that im on 2nd instead of 3rd maybe i can get a little more gaming in.

Anyone have any thoughts on the new ps4 coming out this christmas? i like alot of the stuff they are doing with it but its still too early to tell
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That is how I roll!
That is how I roll!
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Re: Updates...2

Postby {Ru}EINHANDER on Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:00 pm

I *really* love how the PS4 is shaping up with one MAJOR exception: only backwards capability is through the cloud.. which is lame as hell given that the original PS3 cost $699 with full backwards compatibility (except may a handful of games in the PS2 library.. like 10?) and the new PS4 system is listed at $599. Really? $100 less in cost but a TON less in features? That's not nice, especially if I have to buy my old games again? I should at least be able to put the original disc in to prove I have it or something for approval to play it via cloud interface.

I do like:
- Fast download in the background
- instant start up of games (like in 2 seconds)
- storage space is not great but it's easy to upgrade HD's
- Destiny (Persistent FPS) Looking good so far.. works for both PS3 and PS4..
- 8GB of DDR5 unified memory.. looks like it's gonna smoke the 720 that is currently rumored to have DDR3.

- Keyboard/Mouse support? Deal breaker otherwise
- 4K output.. is it really worth offering at this point given most TVs don't support it.. I guess it's like blu-ray was before
- 3D gaming wasn't really mentioned.. so it might not be the next big thing..
- Mid-Range gaming PCs smoke the PS4 performance wise.. how upgradeable will the new PS4 be or not at all?
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