what a bunch of shit

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what a bunch of shit

Postby {Ru}Lord_Slayer on Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:48 pm

i completed the 2nd dungeon today in divinitys reach and got my 250 glue, which ein said was selling for 2 gold. he better throw away his pricing papers as they are only 5 copper each,anyway the bitch of it all is the chest just gave me 3 wool sweaters and 1 present again.whats the point of doing a new dungeon if you arent going to get some uber items from the chest, i could care less about the mini
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Re: what a bunch of shit

Postby {Ru}EINHANDER on Mon Dec 17, 2012 3:26 pm

Are you sure Bubba didn't say that? If I said it, it wasn't a lie when I told it but I could have made a mistake when quoting a price. Again, I don't make lying part of a normal routine or even grossly overexaggerating (2g versus 2c).

Since Bubba could get the glue from the Big Presents, I was thinking it wouldn't be as rare (the wool that is.. or stuffing whatever) at the time we had to pick (a or b). It seems fairly obvious that we'll get screwed on the number of cogs needed for the minis.

Also, Slayer, I know that you WOULD CARE about the minis if they were not account bound as it would be easy money for you. I'm equally disappointed as you are in the fact that the materials are not going for more money; however, once the Winters' Day festival starts to close.. I wonder if we'll see a run on the market to get what you can? or possibly in a month when you cannot get them from any source other than the marketplace.
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