GW2 - Fun play weekend even tonight!

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GW2 - Fun play weekend even tonight!

Postby {Ru}EINHANDER on Fri Sep 07, 2012 3:05 pm

I will not be able to play until Mr. Shortman goes to sleep. Hopefully, that will be around 9-10pm. Then I can play until 2amish. Kyle will not be playing as of yet.

Also, I think we should be doing the "personal story quests" together when possible. For each guild member that helps another one we get influence points to spend towards unlocking more guild items. We are currently 2000 points and some build time away from having our first 50 bank storage available. The bank storage will not happen this weekend but at the rate of work each of us is putting into the game, it looks like we'll have it built by next weekend. Jerry asked why I built the 2 path assembly line options (takes 2 days) last night. The reason I built that is we might be in the middle of building something and would like to agree to spend some points on something else to put in the extra build que. Admittedly we do not have many guild points at the moment but again we've been gaining about 500 to 1000 in the first week. It will take 1000 points to get the guild architech up to level II before we can spend the next 1000 on the first level of the bank.

I'd be happy to play some of the Personal Story Lines you guys have.. maybe one scenario each with all of us working together (say 4 stories each or 2 per night) and that will help get points for storage. Of course we got quite a few points last weekend just doing Hearts and events together as a team. That was tons of fun!
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