Memory speeds...

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Memory speeds...

Postby FAST Enterprise [Crawler] on Sat Feb 12, 2005 10:47 am

I posted this on ND80's because I see a lot of people don't understand those numbers that memory is rated at. Hope it helps.

Memory numbers are a marketing ploy. Memory was always rated by the speed of the Frontside Bus to the Northbridge of the chipset. PC66, PC100, PC133, etc. As the bus speeds started to approach 200MHz, manufacturers figured out a way to transmit data even faster. Instead of sending a byte of data for each clock cycle, they figured out how to also send on the clock return cycle. So.......Now we have a bus, running at 200MHz , that is virtually sending data twice as fast, as fast as if it were a 400MHz bus speed. 400MHz X 8 bits = 3200! True, it is faster, but it's not really 3200. If the clock really ran at 3200, at least for now, it would burn your house down.

200Mhz X 2(foward and return cycle) X 8 (8 bits per byte) = 3200.
200MHz X 16 bits = 3200.
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